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ICO NameThe Hustle App
Start DateDecember 10, 2019
End DateFebruary 07, 2020
5 Months ago

The Hustle App is designed to reward you for participating in fitness and staying healthy. Earn bonus token rewards for helping others to stay fit & healthy through group fitness and exercise. The App includes a built in wallet and token transfer to convert HUSL Tokens to BTC, ETH or USD.

Project Director Coordinator

We all want to stay connected with family, friends and even with new people.

In #NewNormal don't forget to pay attention to the following simple things:
📣rest time
📣regular exercise
📣 consumption of healthy food / drinks
📣Washing hands
📣Use a mask
#Husl #HustleApp

Enjoy Your Healthy Life With the Hustle App !!
Exercise and get rewards from it !!
Hustle App have interesting features .
#Husl #Blockchain #HealtyLife

Our App will be
launch shortly.
Please signup for Early Access using form bellow !!
#Husl #HustleApp

If you have trouble sleeping, try these tips:
👍Make the room comfortable
👍Consumt healthy foods
👍Exercise regularly
👍Drink a glass of milk
👍 Stop playing the gadget

#HustleTips #HUSL Soon the HUSL App can be your health assistant.
#blockchaintechnology #cryptocurrency

leg #cramps are involuntary and sudden contractions that happen in different muscles. Such contractions are mostly painful and may affect varied muscle groups.
#Husl #healty

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Price0.0600 USD Sale15,000,000 Payment ModeETH
Minimum Investment1 Distribution51% RaisedN/A
Soft Cap900,000 USD Hard Cap9,000,000 USD