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ICO NameGath3r
Start DateJanuary 09, 2020
End DateJanuary 11, 2020
CountryUnited Arab Emirates
6 Months ago

We deliver an additional or alternate form of monetization. Since it’s nonintrusive, it doesn’t degrade the user experience. In fact, it enhances it, because your users can now be rewarded just for browsing your website. Get in on the new way to optimize the way you monetize your website now.


Gath3r whitepaper: New coins looking to launch could fork off GTH into XYZ -G, which effectively allows them to utilize the hashrate of Gath3r.

Thus solving consensus issues and keeping their chain safe. 💪

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$GTH #Crypto #Mining #Blockchain

"Ideally, web mining should be an opt-in process. This way a large number of new users are introduced to cryptocurrency and incentivized to generate revenue for websites."

Gath3r's Whitepaper, Page 9. 🙏

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$GTH #Tech #UX #Web3 #Blockchain

Learn about browser crypto-mining; get to know why #mining permissions & rewarding the publishers/visitors are necessary 🎯

This is what @Gath3r_io is trying to change.

#Gath3r - Digital Monetization via Processing Power! ⚡️

$GTH #Blockchain #Crypto

Gath3r will provide multiple benefits to Enterprises in launching their own product/service on Gath3r blockchain. 💯

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$GTH #Tech #Blockchain #UX #DataPrivacy #Web3

Ques: Will merged mining harm my system?

Ans: No, Gath3r's technology is designed with internal stress limits based on what device you are using. Such mining won't affect your device performance at all. ⚡️

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$GTH #Blockchain #Web3 #Tech #UX

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Price0.0000 USD SaleN/A Payment ModeETH
Minimum InvestmentN/A Distribution40% RaisedN/A
Soft CapN/A Hard Cap12,000 ETH